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Modeling Agency For Tattooed Models Established Since 2008

TattooModels is a worldwide modeling agency that features male and female tattooed models. No longer are tattoos considered to be gauche. Now, they are seen as works of art. If you discuss tattoos with a person, likely they can explain to you where they got the tattoo, what compelled them to pick the design and why they chose that specific part of their body. A person can easily give you the story of their life in pictures a drawn on their body. More and more runways are seeing models with body ink. And no- not just the smaller private shows. Now you can venture to a high-profile fashion show in London, Manchester or Liverpool to see one model after another strut down the runway in high-end couture while having tattoos boldly showing on their frames. Its common. Even welcomed. In the fashion industry being unique and being distinct are much heralded qualities. Having a line of models that all look completely the same can be boring. Bringing in different types of people—some with body art can not only open the door for individuality, but it can help make a like look more artfully done. What better way to showcase clothing off than to put it on people who are the finest and most beautifully-done-up works of art themselves?

Designers all over the world are realizing this and taking pains to incorporate tattooed models into their shows. They see how valuable it is to bring the market into theirs. No longer does exclusivity play a part in fashion. Rather, it is open to everyone who wants to be a part of it.
Another thing that designers and fashion show coordinators are realizing is that beauty is open to interpretation. There was a time when the designers and coordinators considered one specific “look” to be beautiful. They sought after that look to display their clothing and to fill the fashion show. Now, things are much more open. Now, designers realize that people get to decide what is beautiful on their own. A design that speaks to one person, may not speak to another. That’s what makes the design world so beautiful—its diversity.

As the market for modeling continues to develop, the door is opening for models of TattooModels. One by one each is throwing open doors that were once not open to them. This is a sign of how everything in the world is changing. It has taken time though.

TattooModels has been around since 2008 and slowly through diligence and determination, made a name for itself by offering a unique and beautiful modeling showcase. The next time you are looking for a model, consider one of the professionals who has body art as his or her focal point. It just may be the thing that brings design excellence and uniqueness to your fashion line.

If you think that you have got what it takes, apply now to be a tattooed model with us!

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Tattoos pulsate like an unstoppable force in our every day awareness, whether they may be sported by friends, internationally famous stars or be part of visual advertising stimulation. Nowadays, they have come to form an integral part of our life‘s experience.


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